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Which 14 books of the Bible that, when read in order, provide a view of Salvation History from a historical perspective?  What about the other books? What is a “Toledot and why is it important?  Where was the Ark of the Covenant located in the time of Christ?  What is Typology and why is it important when studying Sacred Scripture? What is meant by Saint Augustine’s saying: “The New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old is unveiled in the New“.  Why did Christ call the Disciples “fools” on the road to Emmaus? Who was Judah’s sister? These questions and many more are answered in Jeff Cavins’ “The Great Adventure” study.


The above graphic is based on Jeff Cavins’ “The Great Adventure”.  Moving the cursor over the graphic will allow you to zoom in on areas of interest.  Use the thumb wheel on your mouse to adjust the zoom.

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