Recently I had the privilege of leading a Bible study on the Psalms.  What an enlightening experience especially when you know the situation under which each Psalm was written.  For example:

Psalm 90      Moses gift to the Israelites as he died on Mount Nebo.

Psalm 72 and 127 are attributed to King Solomon – Psalm 127

Psalm 51  King David repents of his sin of adultery and murder after the story told to him by Nathan.

Psalm 22 The first verses of this Psalm were spoken by Jesus from the cross.

Psalm 32  A Psalm for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Psalm 1 and 2 are what the Psalms are all about. 

Psalm 134 Psalm of Ascents.

Psalm 150 A Psalm of Praise  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN-3AaatbI4

We had previously gone through a study of David and Solomon.  With this background the Psalms of David had a greater meaning as we traveled with David avoiding the wrath of King Saul, David’s anguish as his son sought to kill him.  David’s sorrow in offending God.  The Psalms cover every aspect of human experience, from the depths of fear to the height of oneness with God.

I have included a listing of some of the Psalms used in the class.  Enjoy them in both the Hebrew and the English.

Psalms used in Class

Psalm 1

Psalm 36 Gregorian Chant 

Psalm 63 in Hebrew   

Psalm 23  The Lord is my Shepherd     

Psalm 90  

Psalm 91  El Shaddai     

Psalm 122  Let’s Go to the House of the Lord 

Psalm 51  Choneni Elohim   

Psalm 47  Clap Your Hands  

Psalm 27  The Lord is My Light  

Psalm 32  Blessed  

Psalm 122  Prayer for Peace in Jerusalem 

Psalm 134  Song of Ascents 

Days of Elijah Ugandan Thunder 

Days of Elijah 

Psalm 6  Reprove me not in our anger, Lord  

Psalm 102  Haim Israel 

Psalm 145 

Psalm 149   

Psalm 150 

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